Greetings on this winter solstice eve. We leave behind a successful Fall for the CEAH—two regional/national symposia and several internal awards supporting faculty research in 2016. Ahead now we have three major events and opportunities for awards in three grants programs. Here’s what’s happening early in 2016.

The **CEAH Research Summit** will take place the morning of Thursday January 21st. Plan to attend and learn of your colleagues’ discoveries in architectural history, artistry from the visual rhythms of Braille, the broader consequences of losing cultural heritage, photographic perspectives on climate change and pollution, several wide-ranging social justice perspectives from communication studies, community planning, design, history, and philosophy, and in too many more subjects to mention in this brief message. As last year, there will also be a panel on emerging interdisciplinary topics in the arts and humanities. This year the topic is bringing the art, design, and humanities perspectives into research methods underlying data science in general, and into decisions made from Big Data in particular. This is not all that remote and esoteric a topic, as the qualitative humanistic-cultural consequences of interpreting large data sets do affect our present and will affect our future. The panel session will include ample discussion and Q&A—be there and add in the view from your discipline!

Mark your calendars for a **National Endowment for the Humanities Regional Workshop** on Monday February 22 in the Memorial Union. The workshop, given by Daniel Sack, senior program officer in the NEH Division of Research Programs, will include an overview of NEH programs and special initiatives, and a session devoted to strategies for writing competitive applications and understanding the review process. A limited number of individual appointments with Dan Sack will be available on a first-come first-served basis. You must register on Eventbrite for the event. I’m available to answer questions, as is Sandra Norvell (LAS External Research Support, and Institute for Design Research and Outreach). A webpage with a schedule for the workshop will be available soon from the VPR’s office. Watch for a link on the CEAH homepage.

To close, here are a couple of reminders about **approaching deadlines**. Proposals for CEAH Research Grants and CEAH Planning Grants are due February 2. Proposals for CEAH Symposium Grants are due February 23. These programs support creative scholarship, research, and the organization of research-related national-level symposia. Funding begins at the time of award for projects completed by the end of June 2017. I look forward to reading your proposals!


Chris Hopkins