Spring 2016 CEAH Research Summit


Spring 2016 CEAH Research Summit

January 21, 2016, 8:30am-12:00pm | 302 Catt Hall

9:00 Welcome and Introductory Remarks

Christopher Hopkins, Director, CEAH

Sarah Nusser, Vice President for Research

9:10 Lightning Talk Research Presentations

Ingrid Lilligren (ceramics) Invisible

Mônica Haddad (social justice, spatial analysis) Decent Work and Social Protection in Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Brian Behnken (history) The Police Murder of Jose H. Sinohui, Jr.

Christine Carr (photography) A Photographic Perspective on Power, Climate Change and Pollution

Rachel Meyers (material culture and social history) Imperial Representation and Civic Benefaction: Roman Spain in the Antonine Age

Stacy Tye-Williams (organizational communication) Creating a Better Place to Live, Work, and Play: Exploring the Role of Resilience and Communication in Small Iowa

Joori Suh (design theory and education) Elastic Wisdom: Towards a New Framework for a Formative Exploration

Christina Svec (music education research) Singing Voice Development in Young Children and Adolescents

Diane Al Shihabi (design history and historic preservation) Design Education and Social Need: Rethinking Academic Objectives When Obliteration of Cultural Heritage Becomes a Tactic of War

Daniel Naegele (architecture) Scribble, scribble, scribble, eh Dr. Naegele?

10:00 Panel "Art, Design, and Humanities Perspectives in Big Data and Data Science"

Michael Bugeja, moderator (media and technology ethics)

Su Jung Kim (media, technology, and society)

Kimberly Moss (scientific visualization)

Nadia Anderson (public interest design)

Linda Shenk (diplomatic rhetoric, literature as partnership)

11:10 Lightning Talk Presentations by Recent CEAH Research Grant Recipients

Michèle A. Schaal (feminist scholarship) A Third Literary and Feminist Wave: New French Women Writers in the 1990s

Jelena Bogdanovic (architecture, architectural and art history) Encounters with the Holy: Perceptions of the Body and Sacred Space in the Medieval Mediterranean

Alex Braidwood (sound artist) Listening in the Megacity

Elanor Taylor (philosophy) Groups and Oppression

Aili Mu (languages and culture) Cultural Literacy through Chinese ‘Short-shorts’ Stories

Jeff Bremer (history) Land was the Basis for Business: Frontier Iowa Families and the Market Economy

Austin Stewart (new media arts) Immaterial Instant

April Eisman (art history) Disrupting Stereotypes: The East German Artist Angela Hampel

April Katz (printmaking) Cutting Through It: The Poetics of Technology

Noon Light Lunch Reception and Conversation

See the Research Summit Program (PDF).