**9:00 Welcome and Introductory Remarks**

Christopher Hopkins, Director, CEAH

Sarah Nusser, Vice President for Research

**9:10 Lightning Talk Research Presentations**

Ingrid Lilligren (ceramics)

Mônica Haddad (social justice, spatial analysis)
*Decent Work and Social Protection in Belo Horizonte, Brazil*

Brian Behnken (history)
*The Police Murder of Jose H. Sinohui, Jr.*

Christine Carr (photography)
*A Photographic Perspective on Power, Climate Change and Pollution*

Rachel Meyers (material culture and social history)
*Imperial Representation and Civic Benefaction: Roman Spain in the Antonine Age*

Stacy Tye-Williams (organizational communication)
*Creating a Better Place to Live, Work, and Play: Exploring the Role of Resilience and Communication in Small Iowa*

Joori Suh (design theory and education)
*Elastic Wisdom: Towards a New Framework for a Formative Exploration*

Christina Svec (music education research)
*Singing Voice Development in Young Children and Adolescents*

Diane Al Shihabi (design history and historic preservation)
*Design Education and Social Need: Rethinking Academic Objectives When Obliteration of Cultural Heritage Becomes a Tactic of War*

Daniel Naegele (architecture)
*Scribble, scribble, scribble, eh Dr. Naegele?*

**10:00 Panel “Art, Design, and Humanities Perspectives in Big
Data and Data Science”**

Michael Bugeja, moderator (media and technology ethics)

Su Jung Kim (media, technology, and society)

Kimberly Moss (scientific visualization)

Nadia Anderson (public interest design)

Linda Shenk (diplomatic rhetoric, literature as partnership)

**11:10 Lightning Talk Presentations by Recent CEAH Research
Grant Recipients**

Michèle A. Schaal (feminist scholarship)
*A Third Literary and Feminist Wave: New French Women Writers in the 1990s*

Jelena Bogdanovic (architecture, architectural and art history)
*Encounters with the Holy: Perceptions of the Body and Sacred Space in the Medieval Mediterranean*

Alex Braidwood (sound artist)
*Listening in the Megacity*

Elanor Taylor (philosophy)
*Groups and Oppression*

Aili Mu (languages and culture)
*Cultural Literacy through Chinese ‘Short-shorts’ Stories*

Jeff Bremer (history)
*Land was the Basis for Business: Frontier Iowa Families and the Market Economy*

Austin Stewart (new media arts)
*Immaterial Instant*

April Eisman (art history)
*Disrupting Stereotypes: The East German Artist Angela Hampel*

April Katz (printmaking)
*Cutting Through It: The Poetics of Technology*

**Noon Light Lunch Reception and Conversation**

See the Research Summit Program (PDF).