Happy humanities scholars! This is a major part of what the CEAH works for. This month’s photo is from the recent regional workshop for the National Endowment for the Humanities, which we hosted at ISU.

Who were there? Not just these eight faculty from World Languages and Cultures, but many others from our humanities departments in LAS and the College of Design. Being a regional workshop, we also hosted scholars and administrators from six other public universities, seven community colleges, eight private colleges, and two state cultural institutions. There were attendees from Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.

During the workshop, our administrators came out strongly in support of research in the humanities. There were substantive discussions with the visiting NEH program officer that included VP for Research Sarah Nusser, LAS Dean Beate Schmittman, College of Design Dean Luis Rico-Guttierez, Associate Provost Dawn Bratsch-Prince, Assistant Director of Government Relations Sophia Magill, Associate VP for Research Wolfgang Kliemann, Associate Deans Kevin Kane, Amy Slagell, and Bill Gutowski, and department chairs Michael Bailey (History), Chad Gasta (World Languages and Cultures), and Heimir Geirsson (Philosophy and Religious Studies). Thanks to all for supporting the advancement of humanities scholarship at ISU.

Coming very soon is our fourth inter-institutional event of this academic year, the CEAHsponsored symposium What is the Urban? Registers of a World Interior. This symposium will take place April 4-5 in the Scheman Building. The program has an impressive interdisciplinary scope. See the [symposium website](http://www.whatistheurban.org/) for emerging details. There is no charge to attend the symposium events.

There is still time to submit your own proposal to create a CEAH-sponsored symposium. The extended deadline for submitting proposals for Symposium Grants is April 4. If you are working on a proposal, please do contact me for advice and assistance.

Finally, congratulations to all who received CEAH Research Grants this year. We look forward to learning of your successful scholarly and artistic accomplishments

Chris Hopkins