This programming series focused on themes of environmental sustainability, with an emphasis on Iowa. CEAH sponsored a public lecture series by some of the leading public scholars, as well as a creative writing workshop at the Ames Public Library and a photography exhibit at the Brunnier Museum. Sustaining the Earth explored the role of public scholarship at Iowa State University by hosting public scholarship seminars for 17 ISU faculty and staff interested in how they might be able to expand the scope and reach of their own scholarship through public channels or to incorporate service learning in the classroom.

The exhibit, Imaging a Shattering Earth: Contemporary Photography and the Environmental Debate, featured 56 photographs that looked beyond our individual rapport with the environment, our household water usage, recycling efforts, and fuel consumption, in order to foreground the impact of societal behaviors, industrial practices, corporate priorities, and governmental policies. Favoring industrial complexes, mining sites, dried-up lakes, landfills, waste ponds, nuclear test sites, and other exclusion zones, these artists aspired to convey the big picture. By assuming a certain distance from their subject, they drew attention to the reckless stewardship of our planet.

Additional support was provided by the Center for American Intercultural Studies,the Bioethics Program,the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, ISU Lecture Program (funded by GSB), the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, the Department of Geological and Atmospheric Sciences, the Department of Horticulture,the Department of Natural Resources Ecology and Management, the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies, Education Leadership and Policy Studies,Graduat Program on Sustainable Agriculture, Institute of Science and Society, the ISU Council on Sustainability,the Greenlee School of Journalism and Communication, Iowa State University Extension to Families, Reiman Gardens, Ames Historical Society, the Ames Public Library, Humanities Iowa and the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture .


September 18, 2008, 6:30pm, Memorial Union Campanile Room
**CEAH Opening Reception and Fellows poster Session**

September 18, 2008, 8pm, Memorial Union Sun Room
**Lecture: Cultivating and Sustaining Democratic Publics**
Scott Peters, Cornell University

September 25, 2008, 8pm, Ames City Auditorium
**Lecture: Can Capitalism Save the Planet?**
Ted Steinberg, Case Western Reserve University

October 16, 2008, 8pm, Reiman Gardens, Hughes Auditorium
**Lecture: Voices from the Land: Gardens and the Making of Americans**
Patricia Klindeinst, author

October 23, 2008, 8pm, Memorial Union Sun Room
**Lecture: Climate Ethics after Bali**
Andrew Light, George Mason University

November 1, 2008 through March 1, 2009, Brunnier Art Museum
**Exhibit: Imaging a Shattering Earth**
Curator: Claude Baillargeon
Artists: Edward Burtynsky, John Ganis, Peter Goin, Emmet Gowin, David T. Hanson, Jonathan Long, David Maisel, David McMillan, Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison, John Pfahl, and Mark Ruwedel

November 6, 2008, 8pm, Memorial Union Campanile Room
**Lecture: One for All and All for One: The Rhetoric of Climate Change and Sustainability**
Tarla R. Peterson, Texas A&M University

November 9, 2008, 2pm, Brunnier Art Museum, Iowa State Center
**The Photography of Poisoned Ecologies**
Claude Baillargeon, Oakland University

November 13, 2008, 8pm, Memorial Union Campanile Room
**Lecture: Public Scholarship, New Media, and the Future of the Humanities**
Gregory Jay, university of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

January 29, 2009, 3pm, 302 Catt Hall, Iowa State University
**Panel Discussion: Professional Activity for Graduate Students: Publishing, Co-Authoring and Presenting at Conferences**
Panel: Brenda Daly, Emeritus University Professor , English David Hollinger, Associate Professor, History Margaret LaWare, Associate Professor of English Diane Price-Herndl, Professor, English and Women’s Studies

February 8, 2009, 1pm, Memorial Union Sun Room
**Panel Discussion: The Artist as Environmental Activist**
Moderator: Stephen Pett, Associate Professor, English
Panel: David Hanson, Shannon Ramsey, Annick Smith, and Clark Wolf

February 8, 2009, 2pm, Brunnier Art Museum, Scheman Building
**Gallery Talk: Wasteland**
David T. Hanson, artist

April 21, 2009, Memorial Union Great Hall
**Confessions of the Guerilla Girls**
Guerilla Girls, Art Activists