As part of the new CEAH Interdisciplinary series, Dr. Emily Kathryn Morgan presents Picturing Packing: Commercial Visions of the American Meat Industry. 

In the early-to-mid twentieth century, photography played a key role in shaping public perceptions of industrial-scale meat production in the United States. Meatpacking companies and industry organizations regarded the camera as a trusted and crucial tool for publicizing their activities and promoting their success at generating a ready supply of inexpensive meat for everyday consumption.

Dr. Emily Kathryn Morgan, assistant professor in the department of Art and Visual Culture, discusses the visual culture of the American meat industry, focusing in particular on an illustrated catalog circulated within the industry in the early 1920s to consider how photographs propagated a vision of the industry as a prime contributor to the march of American economic and industrial progress.

Join us:
Friday, January 24
3:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m.
302 Catt Hall