The Center for Excellence in the Arts and Humanities (CEAH) supports faculty-initiated groups that focus on topics using diverse cross-disciplinary approaches. The research clusters examine issues from varied artistic, humanistic, and scientific perspectives to create a unique, collaborative, and innovative interdisciplinary understanding of contemporary issues.

Faculty are encouraged to contact the CEAH Director to discuss forming a research cluster and identifying other forms of support for research teams.

Current Research Clusters

Debt: Crisis, Risk, Inequality

William Carter, Assistant Professor, World Languages & Cultures

Debt has a long history and remains more relevant than ever. From global financial crises to debt ceilings, the rising cost of student loans to calls for debt forgiveness, debt looms as an ominous threat to survival both for individuals and for entire nations. And yet, in other cultural and historical conditions, recognition of indebtedness to others has been a key building block of social life. As a framework for both human and inhumane relationships, and for reflections on the value and values of those relationships, debt brings together concerns throughout the liberal arts and sciences. The [Debt Research Cluster]( endeavors to approach debt from a variety of disciplines, theoretical perspectives, historical contexts, and contemporary discussions. We encourage not only faculty participation but also community and student involvement in discussing a topic that has come to increasing impact societies, communities, and individuals throughout the world. We hope to offer a unique approach to current debt crises, both local and international, while considering their lasting impacts as well as proposing potential solutions.