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Research Grants:

Joseph Muench, (Art and Visual Culture) for a project entitled Skin and Bones

Johnny DiBlasi, (Art and Visual Culture) for a project entitled Oscillations

Amanda Petefish-Schrag, (Theatre) for a project entitled Of the Deep: A new puppet play exploring ecology, mythology, and materiality

Justin Remes, (English) for a project entitled Found Footage Films

Symposium Grants:

Lucia Suarez, (WLC) for the symposium US Latino/a Studies Program 25 Year Anniversary



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Research Grants

Amy Bix (History) Recruiting Engineer Jane and Astrophysicist Amy: American STEM Advocacy for Girls, 1965-2015

Ted Grevstad-Nordbrock (Community and Regional Planning) The Heritage of Diplomacy

Bonar Hernandez(History) Saving People, Not Souls: Religion, Community, and Politics during Guatemala’s Cold War

Tracy Lucht (Greenlee School of Journalism) Doing It Themselves: Theorizing Agency in the Careers of Midwestern Women Broadcasters, 1922–1972

Lawrence McDonnell (History) Chasing Dave: The Unbelievable Life of an American Scoundrel

Amy Rutenberg (History) Making Citizen-Civilians: Cold War Military Manpower Policy and the Origins of Vietnam Era Draft Resistance

Linda Shenk (English) The Role of the Humanities in the New Community-Engaged, Data-Driven Science

Matthew Sivils (English) The Seductive Land: Sexuality and the American Environmental Fantasy, 1787–1881

Elanor Taylor (Philosophy) Free Thinking

Olivia Valentine (Art and Design) Between Systems and Grounds: A Generative, Sonic Textile Construction and Installation System

Stacey Weber-Feve (World Languages & Cultures ) Restaging Comedy: Comic Play and Performance in Women’s Contemporary Cinema in France

Andrea Wheeler (Architecture) A New Ecological Aesthetics of Nature in Architecture

Jeremy Withers (English) The Wheels of Chance: A New Edition

Symposium Grants

Revolutions in the History of Early Modern Philosophy and Science (Summer 2018). David Marshall Miller (Philosophy and Religious Studies)

Planning Grants

Chiu-Shui Chan (Architecture)

Kathleen Hilliard (History)

Pamela Riney-Kehrberg (History)



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Research Grants

Jeremy Best (History) Mission Culture at Home: Popularizing the Heavenly Empire

Brianna Burke (English) Indian Summer: Growing Up in the American Indian Hobbyist Culture

Christine Carr (Art and Visual Culture) A Photographic Perspective on Airborne Particulates

K.L. Cook (English) Shakespeare West (a novel)

Patrick Connolly (Philosophy and Religious Studies) Untitled

Mira Engler (Landscape Architecture) Facing Color, Predicaments in Landscape Architecture

Firat Erdim (Architecture) Peregrine Projections: Camino de Santiago

Nell Gabiam (Anthropology) Palestinian Refugees Displaced by the War in Syria

Cindy Gould (Art and Visual Culture) Elsa Sreenivasam: Pioneering American Textile Researcher in India and the Formative Years of the Surface Design Association in the U.S.A.

Paul Griffiths (History) Tudor Vice: Prostitution and Sexuality in Elizabethan London

Brent Holland (Art and Visual Culture) Seeing Fast and Seeing Slow: 15 Mixed Media Artworks

Michael Christopher Low (History) Drinking the Sea: The United States, the Middle East, and the Globalization of Desalination Technology

Emily Morgan (Art and Visual Culture) Picturing Packing: Photographs of the Meatpacking Industry in Chicago Collections

Kate Padgett-Walsh (Philosophy & Religious Studies) The Ethics of Debt

Amanda Petefish-Schrag (Music & Theatre) A new play: A Study of Light

Justin Remes (English) Absence in Cinema

Benjamin Shirtcliff (Landscape Architecture) Socially Open Urban Landscape

Austin Stewart (Art and Visual Culture) Critical Contemplations: The Fountain

Symposium Grants

Science Communication: Confronting the challenges of public participation in environmental, planning and health decision-making (Summer 2016). Jean Goodwin (Speech Communication), Michael Dahlstrom (Journalism and Communication), Dara Wald (Journalism and Communication) Collaborators: Kathleen P. Hunt (Ag Ed & Studies, CALS), Alenka Poplin (Community & Regional Planning, Design) and S. Scott Graham (English, University of Milwaukee)

What is The Urban? An Inquiry into the Spaces, Places and Politics of a World Interior (Spring 2016). Ross Exo Adams (Architecture), Barbara Ching (English), Jane Rongerude (Community and Regional Planning), Max Viatori (Anthropology)

The Ethics of Debt (Fall 2015). William Carter (World Languages and Culture), Kate Padgett-Walsh (Philosophy and Religious Studies). Collaborators: David Hollander (History) and Kevin Amidon (World Languages and Culture).

Coding Design/Designing Code: A meeting of creative technologists (Fall 2017).Caroline Westort (Landscape Architecture) and Alex Braidwood (Art and Visual Culture)

Planning Grants

Kevin Amidon (World Languages and Cultures)

James Andrews (History)

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Research Grants

Amy Bix (History) Engineer Barbie as Role Model?: American Childhood, Play, and Evolving Ideas about Gender and Technical Careers, 1913-2013

Brianna Burke (English) Dangerous Divisions: Race, Class, and Animality in Environmental Justice Fiction

Richard Benjamin Crosby (English) Persuasive Haunts: Kairos, Place, and Memory in the American Rhetorical Tradition

April Eisman (Art History) Women Artists in East Germany: Angela Hampel and the Contradictions of "Equality" in a Communist State

Marwan Ghandour (Architecture) Mapping Palestinian Refugee Camps in Lebanon

Barbara Haas (English) Nature Conquered, River Tamed: The Neva River Delta at Saint Petersburg

Luke LeFebvre (English) The Meaning of Student Self-generated Feedback from Video: Linguistic Predictors of Public Speaking Performance

Tonglu Li (World Languages and Cultures) The Issues of Belief and Violence in Mo Yan’s Novels

Charissa Menefee (English) How Long is Fifteen Minutes? A Full Length Stage Play

Constance J. Post (English) Making Revolution: Isabel Brown Crook and the Rise of Modern China

Michèle A. Schaal (English/Women’s Studies) Une troisième vague féministe littéraire (A Literary Third Wave of Feminism)

Austin Stewart (Integrated Studio Arts) Horizon Line

Elanor Taylor (Philosophy) Groups and Oppression

Robin Globus Veldman (Philosophy and Religious Studies) American Evangelicalism and the Denial of Climate Change


Symposium Grants

Ross Exo Adams (Architecture),

Barbara Ching (English),

Jane Rongerude (Community and Regional Planning),

Max Viatori (Anthropology)

for a national symposium on "What is The Urban? An Inquiry into the Spaces, Places and Politics of a World Interior" (Spring 2016).

William Carter (World Languages and Culture)

Kate Padgett-Walsh (Philosophy and Religious Studies)

for a national symposium on "The Ethics of Debt" (Fall 2015). Collaborators: David Hollander (History) and Kevin Amidon (World Languages and Culture).


Planning Grants

Michael Bailey (History)

Brian Behnken (History)


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Research Grants

Alex Braidwood (Graphic Design)Listening in the Megacity, Noise Inquiries of Densely Populated Urban Environments

Jeff Bremer (History) Frontier Iowa: A Social History

Jelena Bogdanovic (Architecture, College of Design) Invocations of Byzantium in Avant-Garde Architecture: Geotheanum and Zeniteum

Travis Chilcott (Philosophy and Religious studies.) The Transformative Path of Krsna Bhakti: The Cognitive Dynamics of Religious Experiences in the Gaudiya vaisnava Tradition

Julie Courtwright (History) Nothing But the Air, But Such an Air!’: The Windy Plains of the West"

Abby M. Dubisar (English) Country Women of the World, Unite!: Ruth Buxton Sayre’s International Peace Activism"

Emily Godbey (Art and Design) Currier and lives: Fires and Wrecks

Bethany Gray (English) Communicating Scholarly Activity in the Humanities and Social Sciences: The rhetorical structure of theoretical and Qualitative Research Articles

April Katz (Integrated Studio Arts) Cutting Through It: The Poetics of Technology

Christopher Martin (Integrated Studio Arts) The Ashanti Stool Series: Symbol, Metaphor, or Just Blank Canvas

Kate Padgett Walsh (Philosophy and Religious Studies) The Ethics of Debt and Default: A Hegelian Approach

Diane Shihabi (Interior Design) Character Types and Beaux-Arts Interiors: Evincing an Obscure French Academic Architectural Code of Design Through Monumental American Capitols


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Research Grants for Assistant and Associate Professors

Raluca Cozma (Greenlee School of Journalism and Mass Communication) The Twitter Political Conversation Between Presidential Candidates and Potential Voters in the 2012 Primaries

April Eisman (Art and Design) Women Artists in East Germany: Angela Hampel and the Contradictions of "Equality" in a Communist State

Rachel Haywood Ferreira (World Languages and Cultures) Argentine Science Fiction in the Era of the Global Space Age

Monica A. Haddad (Community and Regional Planning) Examining Social Protection and Decent Work in Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Gregory Oakes (Music and Theatre) TuvaTronic: Clarinet + Voice + Computer

Teresa Paschke (Integrated Studio Arts) Creating Global Connections: The Influence of Globalization on the Material and Visual Culture of Contemporary China

Sela Sar (Greenlee School of Journalism and Mass Communication) Semiotic Analysis of Imagery in Print Ads and Public Service Campaigns About Genetically Modified Crops in the Late 1990s

Timothy S. Wolters (History) The U.S. Navy’s Development of Combat Information Systems in World War II


Planning Grant

Christopher Hopkins (Music and Theatre)


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Seed Grants for Collaborative Work

Elisa Rizo, (Spanish) Madeleine Henry, (Classical Studies) "On the Other Side of Atlantis: Classica Africana in the Afro-Hispanic Diaspora."


Research Grants for Assistant and Associate Professors

David Alexander (Philosophy and Religious Studies), Basic Knowledge and Reflective Defeat

Jana L. Byars (History), Courtiers & Conquistadors: Masculinity and Male Friendship in the Early Modern Mediterranean World

Richard Benjamin Crosby (English), Cathedral of Kairos: Rhetoric in Sacred Space

Melissa A. Deininger (World Languages and Cultures), National Identity in French Literature at Moments of Crisis

Kathleen M. Hillard (History), A Double-Minded Man: Making Mastery on Silver Bluff Plantation, 1844-1857

Christopher Hopkins (Music and Theatre), Sculpting Sound Space: Merging Ambisonics and Tactile Virtual Environments for Music Composition

John Monroe (History), Empire, Ngritude and the Idea of "Primitive Art" in France and French West Africa, 1931-1937

Joe Muench (Art and Design), "Test Series"

Benjamin Percy (English), The Mission (creative non-fiction/memoir)

Jane M. Rongerude (Community and Regional Planning), Still HOPEing for Change: Implications of the Current Economic Crisis on the People-based Strategies of Public Housing Redevelopment in San Francisco


Small Grants for Senior Faculty

Carol Chapelle, (English), The Evolution of Canadian Content in Three Decades of French Language Textbooks

Charles Dobbs (History), Research Trip: Library and Archives Canada, Ottawa, Ontario


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Seed Grants for Collaborative Work

Jean Goodwin (English) Michael Dahlstrom (Journalism and Mass Communication) Kevin deLaplante (Philosophy and Religious Studies)

"Promoting Ethical and Effective Communication of Science in Policy Controversies"


Deborah Satterfield (Graphic Design) Sunghyun Kang (Art and Design) Anson Call (Art and Design) Steve Herrnstadt (Art and Design)

"Play IT: Educational Play Experiences for Children with Cognitive and Physical Disabilities"


Mary Swander (English) Dennis Chamberlin (Journalism and Mass Communication)

"Vang: Documenting Immigrant Farmers"


Research Grants for Assistant and Associate Professors

Kevin Amidon (World Languages and Cultures), International Theoretical Biology in the Developing World: Adolf Meyer-Abich in Latin America, 1929-1955

Grant Arndt (Anthropology), "Cosmopolitan Indians: Postwar Institution Building and the Creation of an Urban Indigenous Identity" at Chicago’s American Indian Center

Nikki Bado (Philosophy and Religion), Ritual Praxis and the body of Belief: Exploring Folk Praxis of the Shikoku Pilgrimage

Dean Bakopoulos (English), "My American Unhappiness"

Brian Behnken (History), Brown and Blue: Mexican Americans, Law Enforcement, and Civil Rights

Chad Gasta (World Languages and Cultures), Transatlantic Arias: Early Opera in Spain and the New World

Elisa Rizo (World Languages and Cultures), Equatorial Guinean Theatre: From National and Transnational Cultural Politics to Aesthetics of Liberation

Jonathan Tsou (Philosophy and Religion), DSM and the Exclusion of Etiology: An Argument for a Casual System of Psychiatric Classification

Kate Padgett Walsh (Philosophy and Religion) Hegel and the Ethics of Love

Stacey Weber-Feve (World Languages and Cultures) Framing Meaning and Genre: Contemporary Animation and Graphic Novels in France


Small Grants for Senior Faculty

Mira Engler (Landscape Architecture, Scaping the City: Gordon Cullen in Perspective, 1947-1959

Steven Herrnstadt (Graphic Design), Incision – Interactive Metal Sculptures and Objects

Ingrid Lilligren (Integrated Studio Arts), Relationships: Integrated Studio Arts Faculty Exhibitions at the Brunnier Art Museum

Lulu Rodriguez(Journalism and Mass Communications), "Advertising Education and Training in thePhilippines


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Carlton Basmajian (Community and Regional Planning), The Battle of the Northern Arc: Infrastructure and Politics in Metropolitan Atlanta, 1980-2004

Katherine Bruna (Curriculum and Instruction), No Man’s Land: A Border Odyssey

David Bulla (Greenlee School of Journalism), "An Uncivil Press: The Tumultuous Journalism of the Civil War Era

Dennis Chamberlin (Greenlee School of Journalism), Voices of the Immigrant Experience

Julia Dominguez (World Languages and Cultures), "Imaginary Cartographies: The Creation of Utopian Spaces in the Age of Discovery"

April Eisman (Art and Design), Neo Rauch and the New Leipzig School in Context

Matthew G. Hill (Anthropology), New Deal Archaeology in Wisconsin

Lee Honeycutt (English), "The Moral Equivalent of War": Presidential Language in American Energy Politics

Christopher Hopkins (Music), The Dream Labyrinth: composition for pipe organ and adaptive virtual instruments

Margaret LaWare (English), Speaking to America’s College Women: Changing Perspectives on Women’s Lives, Work and Leadership in Post WWII America

Kathy Leonard (World Languages and Cultures), Fists of Steel, Tears of Silver: An Anthology of Bolivia’s Mining Literature Featuring Women

Ben Percy (English), After

Pamela Riney-Kehrberg (History), Along the Highline: Children’s Experiences of an Urban Wild Space

Gerardo Sandoval (Community and Regional Planning), Planning and Latino Communities in Small-Town-America

Matthew Sivils (English), A Critical Edition of James Fenimore Cooper’s The Chainbearer

Maximilian Viatori (Sociology), Histories on the Margin: Indigenous Responses to the Ecuador-Peru Border Conflict

David Wilson (History and Philosophy), "The Man Who Invented the Word Scientist: William Whewell, Victorian Omniscient


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Annemarie Butler (Philosophy and Religious Studies), Hume’s Naturalistic Account of Philosophical Belief in External Objects

Jane Dusselier [with Tobie Matava] (Anthropology), An Online Resource Center for the Study of Japanese American Internment Art

Paul Griffiths (History), Knowing England: Disciplining & Documenting Individuals, 1500-1700

Heidi Hohmann (Landscape Architecture), A Scenic and Civic Hydrology: History of the Minneapolis Park System

Jeffrey Houghtby (History), Common Land and Community in Early Modern Burgundy, 1500-1793

Thomas Leslie (Architecture), A Combination of Strength and Beauty: The role of Building Technology in the Transformation of the ‘Chicago Style’ 1904-1934

Olga Mesropova (World Languages and Cultures), Humor in Transition: Russian Monologue Comedy from Gorbachev to Putin

John Monroe (History), Metropolitan Fetish: African Sculpture, France, and the Invention of ‘Primitive Art’

Gregory Oakes (Music), Non-Western Influences on Contemporary Solo Clarinet Music

Teresa Paschke (Art and Design), The Influence of Globalization on Ornamental Styles and Surface Patterns

Leland Poague (English), ‘Tell Me the Story So Far’: Hitchcock and His Writers

Tanya Zanish-Belcher (Library), ‘Women’s Archives Reader’ and ‘Biological Identities: Reproductive Issues in U.S. Archival Collections’

Kimberly Zarecor (Architecture), Manufacturing a Socialist Modernity: The Architecture of Industrialized Housing in Early Postwar Czechoslovakia


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Interdisciplinary Collaborative Research Award

Barbara Walton (Art and Design) Tong Wang (Food Science and Human Nutrition) "Modifying Soywax for Encaustic Painting and Comparing it to Traditional Encaustic Painting Waxes"



Kevin Amidon (World Languages and Cultures), The Applied Science of Cultural Value: Eugen Fischer, Biological Mendelism, and the Invention of Apartheid

Michael Bailey (History), Superstition in the Late Middle Ages: A Crisis of Belief

Amy Bix (History), Creating "Chicks Who Fix": Women, Technical Knowledge, and Home Repair, 1920-2007

Paula Curran (Art and Design), A Designing Woman’s Guide to Typographic Terms, Paper Selection, Commerical Printing, and Other Designing Endeavors

April Eisman (Art and Design), Neo Rauch and the "New Leipzig School" in Context

Jean Goodwin (English), Dilemmas of Expertise: The Rhetorical Design of Appeals to Authority in Sustainable Agriculture

Michael Golec (Art and Design), Networks of Power: Rural Electrification and the Art of Marketing Electricity

Rachel Haywood-Ferreira (World Languages and Cultures), The Emergence of Latin American Science Fiction

David Hollander (History), Dependency and Self-Sufficiency in the Greco-Roman Household

Ingrid Lilligren (Art and Design), Accumulations: Crystalline Glazes on Ceramic Sculpture

Sara B. Marcketti (AESHM), Design Piracy: Examination of Design Patents from 1890 to 1941

Chrisy Moutsatsos (Anthropology/Women’s Studies), Global Gaze, Local Bodies: An Ethnography of Consumption and Femininity in Urban Greece

Constance Post (English), Observations on the Real Rights of Women and Other Writings of Hannah Mather Crocker (scholarly edition)

Mary R. Sawyer (Philosophy and Religious Studies), The Black Church Since 1968: Forty Years of Wilderness

Linda S. Shenk (English), Elizabeth I, Learned Queen: Sovereignty, Court Poetry, and International Politics

Kristin Vander Lugt (World Languages and Cultures), The Return of the Haunted Screen: The German Horror Film after 1945


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Interdisciplinary Collaborative Research Award

Mark Bryden (Mechanical Engineering) Christopher Hopkins (Music & Theatre) "Mapping Sound to 3-D Virtual Materials: A Real-time Touch Sensitive Instrument for Virtual Engineering and Electroacoustic Music"



James T. Andrews (History), Modernity’s Metropolitan: Public Space, Socialist Iconography, and the Politics of Showcase Architecture in Stalin’s and Khrushchev’s Times

Dennis Chamberlin (Greenlee School of Journalism and Communication), Soma

Brent Holland (Art and Design), 50 Self-Portraits: Painting Points of Intersection Between Cultures and Traditions

Joseph Kupfer (Philosophy and Religious Studies), Autonomy and the Ethics of Care

Wei-Cheng Lin (Art and Design), Building a Sacred Mountain: Buddhist Monastic Architecture at Mt. Wutai, China, during the Tang Dynasty, 618-907 C.E.

Debra Marquart (English), The Olive Harvest: A Novel

Margaret Mook (World Languages and Cultures), Storage and Status in the Early Greek City: Archaic Cretan Relief Pithoi

Aili Mu (World Languages and Cultures), Moments of Truth: The Short-shorts Phenomenon in China

Neil Nakadate (English), Understanding Jane Smiley, 2d ed.

Maya Socolovlsky (English and Latino Studies), Specters of Memory: Place, History, and Narrative in Contemporary U.S. Latino Literature

David Wilson (History), The Man Who Invented the Word Scientist: William Whewell, Victorian Omniscient

Laura Winkiel (English), Statelessness: Global Narratives of Belonging and Unbelonging

Susan Yager (English), Neville Coghill’s Translation of Chaucers’ Canterbury Tales


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Interdisciplinary Collaborative Research Awards

Adela Licona (English, Women’s Studies) Marta Maldonado (Sociology, Latino/a Studies) Nana Osei-Kofi</strong (Educational Leadership and Policy Studies Ferrucio Trabalzi(Community and Regional Planning) "Globalization and Place-Making in Perry, Iowa: Planning an Exploratory Sociospatial Analysis"

Kevin de Laplante (Philosophy and Religious Studies) Arnold van der Valk (Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal Biology) "Holism and Reductionism in Theories of Ecological Change"



Leland L’Hote (World Languages and Cultures) Queer Representation in Spanish Cinema of the Post-Franco Era

Daniel Naegele (Architecture) Frank Lloyd Wright’s Lowell Walter House

Diane Price-Herndl (English) Breast Cancer as Metaphor

Pamela Riney-Kehrberg (History) Rural Poverty and Rural Adaptation: Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin, 1870-1930

Matthew Stanley (History) Huxley’s Church and Maxwell’s Demon: Constructing the Limits of Science

Ames Piano Quartet: Mahlon Darlington, Bill David, Jonathan Sturm, George Work (Music) Recording of Six English Piano Quartets

Charles Dobbs (History) Trade and Diplomacy: The United States and East Asia, 1961-1969

Emily Godbey (Art and Design) Modern Relics and the Worship of Technology

Sara Gregg (History) Contested Commons: Subsistence Farms, the New Deal, and the Creation of a Federal Landscape in Appalachia

Carl Herndl (English) Rhetorical Citizenship and Social Change: Can Scientists also Speak as Citizens?

Chris Martin (Art and Design) The Development of a Body of Work Inspired by Czech Cubism

Olga Mesropova (World Languages and Cultures) Heroines of the Post-Soviet Screen: Women in Post-Soviet Film and Television

Joe Muench (Art and Design) Innovative Large-Scale Metal Forming

Jean Parsons (AESHM/Textiles and Clothing) Shape and Transformation: The Geometry of Apparel Design

Leonard Sadosky (History) Revolutionary Negotiations: Indians, Empires, and Diplomats in the Founding of America

Kimberly Elman Zarecor (Architecture) An Architect’s Journey from Modernism to Socialist Realism: Reassessing the Life and Work of Jiri Kroha


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Interdisciplinary Collaborative Research Awards

Diane Debinski, (Ecology Evolution & Organismal Biology) James Pritchard (Landscape Architecture, Natural Resource Ecology & Management)

"Marshes & Muskrats, People & Places: The Landscape of Paul Errington’s Work"


Cindy Cambardella (National Soil Tilth Lab / Agronomy) Ashley Kyber (Landscape Architecture) "Squaw Creek Biodynamic Flowform Prototype"



Kevin Amidon (Foreign Languages and Literatures), The Diagnosis of Difference: Persuasive Practice and the Problems of Biology, Germany 1860-1945

Michael Bailey (History), Magic and Superstition in European History

Amy Bix (History), American Engineering Education for Women

Carol Chapelle (English), Technology and Second-Language Pedagogies

Christopher Curtis (History), Jeffersons Chosen People: Freeholders and the Politics of Land Ownership in the Old Dominion, 1776-1860

Lisa Fontaine (Art and Design), The Design of Symbolic Forms

Marwan Ghandour (Architecture), The Cultural Formation of Iowa’s Landscape

April Katz (Art and Design), Passages: Printmaking to Depict Time and Memory

Kathy Leonard (Foreign Languages and Literatures), Women of Silver and Tin: The Forgotten Miners of Bolivia

Laura Mielke (English), Moving Encounters: Sympathy and the Indian Question in Antebellum Literature

Clare Robinson (Architecture), The Politics, National Imaginary, and Spatial Practices surrounding the Kent State May 4 Memorial

Daniel Sipe (Foreign Languages and Literatures), Culture, Society, and the Search for Utopia in Fin-de-Siècle France


Research and Creative Activity Grants

Brett Bowles (Foreign Languages and Literatures) Research-related travel expenses for book on the films of Marcel Pagnol

Mira Engler (Landscape Architecture) Research-related travel expenses for "Postnuclear Landscape" book proposal

David Hollander (History) Research-related travel expenses for "Self-Sufficiency and Agriculture in the Roman Economy"

Teresa Paschke (Art and Design) Travel and exhibition expenses for "Submersed: Contemporary Altered Books

Jeffrey Prater (Music) Travel expenses and soloist honoraria for performance of Veni Creator Spiritus in Kaliningrad, Russia

Mary Stieglitz (Art and Design) Partial production costs for book-proposal mock-up of Full Circle


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Interdisciplinary Collaborative Research Award

Carla Fehr (Philosophy and Religious Studies) Carolyn Komar (Animal Science) "Ovarian Authority: Credibility of Women Studying Female Reproduction"



Jackie Blount (Curriculum and Instruction) Ella Flagg Young’s Theoretical and Practical Contributions to the Educational Enterprise

James Bovinette (Music), The Art of Phrasing: Origins, Influences, and Contemporary Performance

Chiu-Shui Chan (Architecture) Creating Virtual Reality for Arts and Design in Humanities

Daniel Coffey (Libraries) Creative Writing Resources

Heimir Geirsson (Philosophy)Who Knows? Individuals as Epistemic Agents

Michael Golec (Art and Design, Architecture) Advertising, Ordinary Language, and the Public Sphere

Cindy Gould (Art and Design) "Aspects of India" Exhibition and Symposium

Paul Griffiths (History) Lost Londons: Crime, Control, and Change in a Capital City, 1545-1660

Margaret R. LaWare (English), Words for Composing an Educated Woman’s Life

Tom Leslie (Architecture), Building Art and Building Science in the Work of Louis I Kahn

Xiaoyuan Liu (History) Reins of Liberation: An Entangled History of Mongolian Independence, Chinese Territoriality, and Great Power Hegemony, 1911-1950

Igor Marjanovic (Art and Design; Architecture) Interdisciplinary Design Education and Interactive Visual Media in the Work of Alvin Boyarsky

John Monroe (History) Satanic France: Leo Taxil, the Popular Press, and the Transformation of French Catholicism

Teresa Paschke (Art and Design) Women’s Studio Workshop: Techniques in textile printing, papermaking, and the book arts

Jonathan Sturm (Music) Arrangement of Encores for the Ames Piano Quartet

Mary Swander (English) The Girls on the Roof: A Narrative Poem

Susan Yager (English) An Ethical Approach to Chaucer’s Clerk’s Tale

David Zimmerman (English) The Deep Moans Round: A Novel


Research and Creative Activity Grants

Mary Cresswell (Music) Travel expenses to perform with the American Chamber Players

Kevin de Laplante (Philo/Religious Studies) Travel expenses to an interdisciplinary workshop of ecologists and philosophers of ecology on the theory of succession

Pamela Riney-Kehrberg (History) Publication expenses for a book on the history of farm children in the American Midwest


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Research and Creative Activity Grants

Janice Baker (Health and Human Performance), Research-related expenses for Ashes to AshesDance Driving

James Dow (Foreign Languages and Literatures), Travel expenses for guest residency at the University of Bremen

April Katz (Art and Design), Expenses for the production of a limited-edition artist’s book

Patricia Leigh (Curriculum and Instruction), Research-related travel expenses for Fly in the Ointment: School Segregation and Desegregation in the Ohio Valley

James McGlew (Foreign Languages and Literatures), Travel expenses for a presentation at a conference in Cardiff

Leland Poague (English), Publication expenses for Frank Capra: Interviews

Connie Post (English), Travel and research-related expenses to do archival research in Boston on Hannah Mather Crocker

Barbara Walton (Art and Design), Travel and research-related expenses for an encaustic workshop