Firat Erdim: Peregrine Projections: Camino de Santiago

2016 Research Grant

Firat Erdim, assistant professor of Architecture, utilized funds from his CEAH Research Grant to begin a new project. He states, “The research grant I received from CEAH gave me the invaluable opportunity to develop a project, Peregrine Projections, across a much larger terrain than I had previously been able to engage. With the grant, I was able to walk approximately 800km along the Camino de Santiago; from Segovia to Sahagún, Sahagún to Leon, Oviedo to Santiago de Compostela, and because I arrived there earlier than I had anticipated, from Porto back to Santiago de Compostela; and documented the walk through the photo/carto-graphic process invented for the project. These images are drawings I have been developing from that photographic documentation, unfolding the territory of the walk in relation to markers and monuments on the horizon. The drawings so far cover only about three days of a 7-week walk, so I have a long way to go. Nevertheless, these drawings have already been exhibited at the Spartanburg Art Museum, SC, as part of the Land/Lines exhibition (08/16-11/04, 2018). The complete Camino Scroll will be on exhibit as part of a solo show at the Coconino Center for the Arts, in Arizona, in April of 2020.

Peregrine Projections Camino Scroll Porto to Marinhas detailPeregrine Projections Camino Scroll Porto to MarinhasPeregrine projections