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    Congratulations to the 2023 spring CEAH grant awardees! 

    The CEAH hosts two rounds of funding opportunities for tenured or tenure-track faculty each year. Faculty are invited to apply for the general research grant category, the digital scholarship research grant category (new in fall 2022), and the symposium grant category. For spring 2023, the awardees include:


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    Dr. Christopher Hopkins' scholarship integrates electroacoustic music composition, computer modeling for creative processes in composition, dialectics among historical musical styles, and performance of Renaissance and Baroque music for the viola da gamba. His recent supporting research includes algorithmic musical logic based on historical and interdisciplinary models, and analysis of chord-color symmetry. 

    In 2022, Hopkins was awarded the MacDowell fellowship. 

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    Welcome to spring semester 2023!

    We have an exciting spring semester planned at the Center for Excellence in the Arts and Humanities (CEAH). As ever, we will continue our mission to provide support and programs that strengthen the productivity, impact, and visibility of faculty research across the arts, design, and humanities. With that in mind, please note that the spring deadline for grant applications is February 10. I strongly encourage tenure-line faculty working in the humanities, broadly conceived, to explore all CEAH funding opportunities. 

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    Dr. Brian Behnken's New Book About Interactions Between Mexican-Origin People and Law Enforcement from the 1830s to 1930s

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    Cason Murphy (Music and Theatre): Digital Residency

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    Mônica Haddad (Community and Regional Planning): Job Training and Climate Justice: Paving the Way for Disadvantaged Residents in Urban Areas

    In the Spring of 2021, I received a research grant from the ISU Center for Excellence in Arts and Humanities. This grant was crucial to conduct a research project, which I will present in Toronto, next week in the largest planning-related conference in North America.

  • Sharing Arts and Humanities Faculty Success

    Sharing Arts & Humanities Faculty Success: September & October 

    At CEAH, we are all about sharing the successes of Arts & Humanities faculty at Iowa State University. Here is a monthly round up of 'AWESOME' from our faculty:


    • Jeremy Best (History) and Brian Behnken (History) co-created what one student called “the best course I have taken at Iowa State.”

    • Sarah Dees (Philosophy & Religious Studies) was awarded a 2022-23 American Fellowship by the American Association of University Women (AAUW).

    • Shelby Doyle (Architecture) was honored with the 2022 AIA Iowa Educator Award.

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    Jeremy Best (History): “Interwar Games: Strategy and Play in Germany, 1919-1933”

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    Michèle A. Schaal (World Languages & Cultures): Symposium Grant, “Margins: Voices and Pathways”

  • Headshot of history faculty, Pamela Riney-Kehrberg

    A new book – When a Dream Dies: Agriculture, Iowa, and the Farm Crisis of the 1980s – authored by Iowa State University Distinguished Professor of History Pamela Riney-Kehrberg, was recently published by the University Press of Kansas. The research for this innovative work of social history draws extensively on sources in the Iowa Women’s Archives, the Drake University Political Papers Collection, records in the State Historical Society of Iowa, the Parks Library Special Collections here at ISU, Iowa Cooperative Extension Documents and archives in Indiana and Kansas. Five years of research followed by two years of writing yielded an outstanding example of how understanding the past illuminates the present: farm crises are never far away in contemporary Iowa.

  • Headshot of history faculty, Jeff Bremer


    Jeff Bremer (History): A New History of Iowa, 1673-2020

    Jeff Bremer (History) received a CEAH research grant to complete work on his book manuscript, A New History of Iowa, 1673-2020.

    In the summer of 2021 he made three week-long research trips to Iowa City to visit archives. These included the Iowa Women’s Archive, the University of Iowa Libraries’ Special Collections, and the State Historical Society of Iowa research center in Iowa City. He also spent several days looking for images for the manuscript.

  • Matthew Sivils

    CEAH Welcomes a New Director: Matthew Sivils

    The Office of the Vice President for Research has selected Matthew Sivils to serve as the new director of the Center for Excellence in the Arts and Humanities (CEAH) at Iowa State University.

    Sivils, an LAS (Liberal Arts and Sciences) Dean’s Professor in the Department of English, began this three-year appointment on July 1, 2022. He follows Carlton Basmajian, who served in this role since 2017.

    Photo by Caitlin Ware

  • Myers and group

    Megan Myers, assistant professor of Spanish & U.S. Latino/a Studies used her CEAH Research Grant to support an anthology she is co-editing that reflects on the Border of Lights organization and its mission. This event took place in October in Dajabón, Dominican Republic and Ouanaminthe, Haiti.

  • Peregrine Projections Camino Scroll Porto to Marinhas detail
    2016 Research Grant

    Firat Erdim, assistant professor of Architecture, utilized funds from his CEAH Research Grant to begin a new project. He states, “The research grant I received from CEAH gave me the invaluable opportunity to develop a project, Peregrine Projections, across a much larger terrain than I had previously been able to engage. With the grant, I was able to walk approximately 800km along the Camino de Santiago; from Segovia to Sahagún, Sahagún to Leon, Oviedo to Santiago de Compostela, and because I arrived there earlier than I had anticipated, from Porto back to Santiago de Compostela; and documented the walk through the photo/carto-graphic process invented for the project.

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    The Center for Excellence in the Arts and Humanities is pleased to announce the following awards for Spring Research and Symposium Grants. Thank you for the many applications we received this semester. Special thanks to the CEAH Advisory Board for their thoughtful input and reviews.

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    The Center for Excellence in the Arts and Humanities is pleased to announce the following awards for Fall 2020 Research Grants. Thank you for the many applications we received this semester. Special thanks to the CEAH Advisory Board for their thoughtful input and reviews.

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    Thank you, 2020. With gratitude and relief, all of us at The Center for Excellence in the Arts and Humanities would like to commemorate the end of a particularly challenging fall semester with this video appreciation for the arts and humanities.

    Please join us as we celebrate the finer facets of our culture, the humanistic elements that sustain us through difficult times and offer us hope for better days to come!

  • Study area

    The long-term goal of this program is to bring together research teams – representing a variety of animal species and disciplines – to explore approaches to address feet and leg abnormalities and lameness challenges in food-producing animals. Expected results include discoveries that can generate producer and system-wide cost savings and improved animal health, resulting in new business development opportunities.

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    The Center for Excellence in the Arts and Humanities (CEAH) is initiating a one-time, small grant program to support individuals who are interested in developing shareable responses to the pandemic, responses that also can be archived for the future.

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